Mama Pigglesworth’s Corner

Hi…Mama Pigglesworth here.

On this page we will have FUN!! I will post videos, run contests for kiddos, post pictures of Sir Pigglesworth’s adventures…anything FUN! You can even email me pictures you’ve drawn of Sir Pigglesworth…I’ll post them here!

I’m planning to start a ‘Sir Pigglesworth’s Fan Club’ where kids can put in their birthday and receive an email with an autographed picture of Sir Pigglesworth on their birthday…and other cool stuff, too!!  If you have any ideas, go to my Contact page and let me know…I’m always open to new ideas.

I look forward to lots of interaction with Sir Pigglesworth’s fans…keep in touch!     Oink-Oink

    Sir Pigglesworth loves to read…do you?

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