Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in Pigonia


84 page chapter book
34 full page color illustrations
Recommended ages 5-10
Revised: August 2023
ISBN: 978-1-68055-177-8



Are you curious about how our favorite adventurous pig became a knight? Then take a trot down memory lane, back when Sir Pigglesworth was just Spencer Hoggbottom Esquire, a fun-loving swine of Pigonia! Our hoggish hero had a knack for high-jinks even then, and a heart full of friendship. But when Captain Nastybeard’s crew casts a shadow over his island paradise, Spencer swells with a newfound courage. And he’s ready to protect his home.

Uncover the secret behind Sir Pigglesworth’s signature goggles and scarf and dive snout-first into the backstory of a true piglet hero! Hop into the fourth installment of the Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series, learning where all the joy and goodwill first began!