Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in Vancouver


82 page chapter book
36 full page color illustrations
Recommended ages: 5-10
Revised: August 2023
ISBN: 978-1-68055-169-3



Hold on to your snouts as Sir Pigglesworth hatches a plan to piggyback his parents’ flight to Vancouver! But when our adventurous piglet ends up in a luggage hold instead, headed to Dallas, he worries if he’ll ever find his way back to his parents.

Enter JoAnn, Sir Pigglesworth’s friend, who’s ready to guide this spirited piglet to Vancouver and help him reunite with the Duke and Duchess of Pigglesworth. As they navigate through the scenic Canadian city, they leave no stone unturned, all while visiting the city’s top attractions and spreading joy and laughter with all those encountered along the way.

Don’t wait! Join Sir Pigglesworth on his unexpected, whirlwind adventure!