Sir Pigglesworth’s First Adventure


76 page chapter book
33 full page color illustrations
Recommended ages: 5-10
Revised: August 2023
ISBN: 978-1-68055-165-5



Get ready for an adventure of royal proportions as Sir Pigglesworth, the young piglet whose parents are the noble Duke and Duchess of Pigglesworth, embarks on his first big journey to London! His piglet hooves are all set to explore the bustling airport before his first flight until – whoops! – he finds himself all alone amidst the airport hustle.

Tag along with the world’s cutest goodwill ambassador, spreading cheer and smiles to children everywhere. Dive snout-first into the vibrant sights, sounds, and intriguing smells of London with Sir Pigglesworth, where each page promises an exciting escapade! This award-winning tale was honored with the 2016 Royal Dragonfly Book Award and the 2017 Texas Children’s Chapter Book Award.